Shawna Jarrett

Shawna Jarrett is a stand-up comedian based in Charleston, SC.  A relative newcomer to the scene, Shawna came to the stage with over a decade of experience as a humor writer, cartoonist, and essayist. She hit the ground running as a semi-finalist in the 2016 Charleston Stand-up Comedy Competition, and went on to feature with Rob Haze (Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing), appear on the Girly Bits Podcast with guest Mia Jackson (TLC, Last Comic Standing), and write/produce sketch comedy in the RIP CITY show at Redux Contemporary Art Center. She also hosts two regular shows in Charleston, The Tight Five Open Mic and Frothy Beard Comedy Night. Her material ranges from confessional to broad, including topics like gender and sexuality, Venn diagrams, dumb hats, and the recipe for her signature cocktail, The Dirtiest Martini. (Free recipe!) She is also launching the monthly Charleston Comedy Mixtape podcast and several other projects as part of Comedy Cabal, a series of joint ventures with gentleman and scholar Joseph Coker.